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Supporting Immunisation with Naturopathic Advice.


Many do not understand that vaccinations do not necessarily guarantee immunisation. Immunisation implies the body has mounted an appropriate “army” to fight the disease if it comes into contact with the disease in the future. The World Health Organisation states that 85%-95% of childhood vaccinations are effective, which are statistics we can influence for the better with the implementation of tailored Naturopathic advice. Using herbal and nutritional medicine pre and post vaccinations can be an effective way of effectively increasing an immune response and therefore ensuring we become immunised when we have a vaccination. As well as increasing effectiveness, we can reduce the risk of adverse drug reactions and possibly life long implications that although are rare, can be a concern. We also support herd immunity in this way.

With professional guidance and personalised advice, there are measures which lead to a reduction in the suffering for a child in the days post vaccination and the reassurance for a parent that you are giving your child the best chance of forming anti-bodies to the disease you are vaccinating them against.

A professional prescription pre and post vaccination may involve a simple addition of some salts to a bath or some supplements which can be easily implemented for an adult or child. It may involve increasing some types of food under the principle that we can apply food as medicine, or avoiding certain things on the day of vaccination. For example, the evidence is clear to not give over-the-counter pain medication prior to a vaccination, information, which has not effectively filtered down into the community. Knowledge is power!

Remember, when seeking information on anything that affects your health, to consult your trusted health professional. Do not rely on media influences, gossip or peers alone. As individuals, employees or parents we have the right to seek support and understand how vaccinations work, their safety profile and how to improve efficacy and reduce harm. As a Naturopath, a passion of mine is supporting and maximising an individual’s health status and proactively reducing disease risk factors. If you are interested in finding out more about these services or have any questions, please get in touch.


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