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Covid-19. Specific and Easy-to-Implement Advice to Reduce Risk in Health Individuals.

*Continue with Government recommendations

around hand-washing, social isolation, eating well, reducing

stress and exercising.

*Speak to your qualified health practitioner

before making any changes to your current lifestyle or diet.


This particular virus enters via the mucus membranes of the upper respiratory system and is more likely to enter the cells (infect you) the longer it sits on these membranes. Therefore continual intake of fluids can reduce the risk via the oral cavity. This virus cannot withstand the acidic environment in the stomach therefore washing it down into the stomach is key. A bonus action is drinking warmsoups, herbal teas and broths due to their immune properties and also the higher temperature, which the virus is less likely to be able to withstand. Some recommendations are medicinal mushroom or bone broths or herbal teas made from elderberry or rosehip.

Support melatonin production.

Melatonin in a supplement form is showing positive results in prevention and treatment of Covid-19. It is showing to protect the lungs, which is what people primarily die from with this virus.

We produce melatonin naturally in the body. The hormone is involved in sleep, mood and immunity.

How to support production naturally:

- Reduce artificial light of an evening. For example turn off devices after sunset or use blue-light blocking glasses.

- Spend at least 1 hour outside in the daytime

- Aim to bring your sleep routine inline with sunrise/sunset.

- Sleep in darkness. This means no lights from devices or external lights. The moonlight is considered acceptable.

- Eat enough protein. For example aim for 1g/kg of your total body weight daily. For example a 60kg person requires 60g/day of protein under normal circumstances. This increases in times of injury and infection. The amino acids such as tryptophan found in proteins are building blocks to melatonin.

Note: these tips also increase a better night’s sleep, which alone is crucial for immunity.


This could be as simple as ensuring 12 hours of fasting over night. Fasting involves no food or liquid other than water entering the system. For example, have your last meal by 8pm and don’t eat again before 8am. Fasting increases levels of NAD, which is utilized by the immune system for viral surveillance. In basic terms, when we consume food we run off NADH, therefore NAD is low based on its seesaw mechanism. The longer we can have NAD in our system, the better our immune system functions, which is one reason we lose our appetite when we’re sick.


Ensuring you have adequate levels of Vitamin D and Zinc, as these are the main players for protection from this virus. This ensures the cells, which keep a look out for viruses, are on alert. In these times for a healthy individual the recommended dosage is 2000-5000IU of Vitamin D and 30mg of Zinc per day.

It is NOT recommended to supplement with high levels of Iron or vitamin E in these circumstances.

Keep well and sing along to “Every Little Cell” song on YouTube as often as possible!

This is advice based on information available up until 20thMarch 2020.

References available on request.

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